1. I definitely agree with the second point, I wish there’d been more opportunity to discuss alternative career options. Now I am in the final haul of my PhD, have realised I don’t want to be an academic afterall (personal lifestyle choice, mostly) and starting to panic about what to do besides that. I guess I’m “lucky” in that I already know where my other interests/strengths are, so I can look there first. But it’s terrifying to realise you ended up on that “ever-narrowing path” and want to get off!

    • webbofscience

      I agree– stepping off the traditional academic track is incredibly frightening. When I was a graduate student, it was easy to put career planning on auto-pilot– Ph.D., postdoc, tenure-track job, and then tenure. When I realized that I wanted to jump off that train, there wasn’t a track, just rough footpaths, not well-worn enough for me to be sure whether they might be dead ends.

      Good luck in finding your own way. It was scary, but it was also an incredibly rewarding journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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