1. As a travel writer, I’ll add: Take them to museums with the hands-on exhibits. They’re everywhere. Not just at the science museums. But at the art museums as well. And now children’s museums. They’re popping up everywhere–and they’re not just for kids. Or bead museums, or insect museums, anything. Keep your eyes and ears open. You can find all of this where I live in Phoenix. I bet you can find similar venues where you live.

  2. Oooh, Jackie would be pleased with me: We just got back from a science museum. Which is across the way from the art museum (where we’ve been) and the children’s museum (where we’ve also been).

    But somehow, I think we could have even more fun hanging out with Kate and her kids.


  3. webbofscience

    Thanks for checking out Kate’s guest post! I’m a big fan of science centers, too. So thanks for adding that thought.


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